Share-Its now integrate your own domains

SFI News

You can now use your own unique domains within your Share-Its alerts! This solves a longstanding issue with Facebook and Twitter blocking or blacklisting posts containing standard SFI Gateway URLs and helps ensure your friends and followers see these short, attention-getting posts. Click here for instructions on hooking up your own domains to SFI and TripleClicks Gateways of your choosing.

As illustrated below, your Share-Its posts now include drop down menus of your Hosted Gateways that you can select from. So, each time you earn a new Share-It, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. without worrying about it being blocked or having your friends exposed to a silly message suggesting you’re associating with a non-reputable company!

screenshot_5364 copy

NOTE: Be SURE to double and triple check the domain name you choose so it matches the proper URL for your given Share-It!

What are Share-Its?

Share-Its are little “mini-ads” for promoting…

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